Employment Opportunities

Consultancy: To Conduct An Outcome Evaluation of the Youth and Community Transformation Project

Objective and Scope of Work

The purpose of the evaluation is to:

  1. Conduct an evaluation of the activities and impact of the Project;
  2. Determine whether lessons learnt, and adjustments required in methodologies or operations identified in the 2018 Process Evaluation were implemented to ensure the achievement of the project’s objectives;
  3. Identify overall lessons learnt during project implementation; and
  4. Ascertain from Participating Agencies (PAs) their perspectives on the performance of YCT Project with regard to speed of response, efficiency, levels of community participation in the project cycle including: project identification, planning, implementation and supervision.

The Consultant is expected to submit a detailed methodology for conducting the evaluation of the YCT programme reflecting the most appropriate evaluation techniques that ensures the internal and external validity of the evaluation results, the adoption of highest ethical standards of conduct throughout the evaluation process, and the generation of data and evidence to support the findings and recommendations.  The Consultant is expected to provide the proposed outlines of the deliverables as listed in section 3, particularly the Evaluation Plan and the final Evaluation Report.

Deadline for Submission is June 12, 2020

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Consultancy: For the End of Projects Financial Audit

Objective and Scope of Work

The audit should be performed in accordance with International Standards of Auditing, issued by the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC), and with the guidelines contained in the Bank publications mentioned above.  Therefore, the audit must include adequate planning, the evaluation and testing of the internal control structure and systems, and obtaining sufficient objective evidence to allow the auditors to reach reasonable conclusions on which to base their opinions.  The audit reports must include a summary of the main audit procedures used for planning the audit, evaluating the internal control structure, checking of the figures included in the financial statements and other reports subject to audit, and the evaluation of the compliance with terms of the applicable agreements, laws and regulations.

The auditors must be alert for situations or transactions that may indicate fraudulent, wasteful or illegal acts and expenditures.  If such evidence exists, the auditors must contact a duly authorised representative of the Funding Sources, and exercise caution and due professional care in expanding their audit steps and procedures related to illegal acts.

The auditors should use the following paragraphs as a basis for preparing the audit programmes and planning the review.  These guidelines should not be considered to include everything or to restrict the auditor in any way, nor should they discharge the auditor from the responsibility to exercise due care and professional judgment.  The audit steps should be modified to adjust to local conditions, the specific design and implementation procedures of the PIU/EA and provisions of the loan and grant agreements.  Any limitation in the scope of work must be communicated as soon as possible to a Funding Source representative.

Deadline for Submission is June 12, 2020

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