Community Action for Public Safety

The Ministry of Human Development, Social Transformation and Poverty Alleviation will sign Contracts on October 9th, 2013 at 2:00 p.m., in the Altun Ha Room of the Radisson Fort George Hotel in Belize City. These contracts amount to BZ$3,298,307.70 and will be signed with two local contractors for infrastructure works under the Community Action for Public Safety (CAPS) Project.  These works comprises the construction of a Youth Center located at Gwen Lizarraga High School Compound in Belize City at a cost of BZ$1,522,049.70 and the construction of a Dormitory Facility, Resource/Visitor’s Center and Rehabilitation of the Sporting Grounds at the Youth Hostel as well as the Rehabilitation of a Carpentry Building at the Youth Cadet at Mile 21 on the George Price Highway at a cost of BZ$1,743,258.00.

The Community Action for Public Safety (CAPS) Project is a BZ$10,000,000.00, four (4) year, initiative financed through a Loan Agreement between the Government of Belize and the Inter-American Development Bank. The Project’s overarching objective is to contribute to the reduction of youth involvement in major violent crime in Belize City. The specific objectives are to (i) reduce youth involvement in criminal activities and youth violent behavior in the schools which are beneficiary of the program resources; (ii) reduce recidivism among youth in the intervened juvenile rehabilitation institutions; and (iii) enhance the government’s capacity to formulate and implement evidence-based policies on public safety. The project is comprised of three main components:

Component I. School-based Positive Youth Development (US$2.06 Million). The activities contemplated as part of this component will seek to counter factors associated with youth violence by improving learning and secondary education completion rates, and fostering positive behaviour patterns among students and unattached youth in vulnerable communities.

Component II. Support for Juvenile Social Rehabilitation (US$ 1.9million). The activities contemplated in this component will seek to improve prospects of at-risk youth and juvenile offenders social reintegration (an average of 270 per year), by reducing violent attitudes, and improving basic and vocational education levels among residents of youth rehabilitation institutions (the YC, the YH and the WYF).

Component III. Interagency Public Safety Management Information System (IPSMIS) (US$510,000). The IPSMIS will gather, share, and analyse information to promote coordination among institutions. The IPSMIS will provide elements for making decisions and formulating and managing policies and strategies to deal with violence and crime.

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