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Community Action for Public Safety II | Ministry of Human Development Belize

Community Action for Public Safety II

The Ministry of Human Development, Poverty Alleviation and Sustainable Development (MHDSTPA) has decided to combine the offices of two of its departments, the Community Rehabilitation Department (CRD) and the Department of Human Services (DHS), within a new wrap-around service center to be located in southside Belize City, between Mosel and East Collet Canal Streets.

The property, which is some 3,000 feet2 and rectangular in shape, had previously belonged to the Batty Bus Company. The derelict remains of the old terminal can still be seen there. Additionally, there is an unstable foundation and slab structure from a previous construction attempt, in the middle of the property. The property is mostly overgrown with grass, small shrubs and a number of small trees. Both the east and west entrances are being used as a garbage dump. Also, members of the homeless community have been relieving themselves in one corner of the property. Finally, the property is being used as a dwelling place for a number of people and as a space to conduct various economic transactions, including criminal activities, for others.

The ministry has proposed an ambitious plan for the wrap-around service center, in which the building will be able to cater to the entire family – babies, small children, youths and adults, as well severely traumatized and vulnerable individuals – victims of human trafficking and youths with severe behavioral problems. The ministry envisions a state-of-the-art building that is safe, comfortable and welcoming for both its staff and full range of clients. Hence it must be child and youth friendly, as well as gender and socially inclusive. Further, the building must incorporate the green technology and be climate resilient.

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