Residential Care Facilities


Responsibility for the Licensing, Registration and Regulation of care facilities for children and adults is vested with the Inspector of Social Services Institutions (ISSI) as stipulated under the Social Services Agencies Act.

Through this function, the ISSI ensures agency compliance with minimum operating standards as prescribed by law; where this is less than required, the ISSI in collaboration with the Human Services Department engage in the identification and provision of technical support to address quality gaps. Understanding that ‘quality improvement of service’ is continuous and cannot be pursued by mere enforcement; but rather by stakeholder agencies themselves embracing a Quality Improvement approach, the ISSI works closely in partnership via a participatory and capacity enhancement modality to better guarantee positive outcomes.

Application Requirements

Application Fees

Initial Inspection

Issuance Of License and Registration Of Facility

Inspection, Self-Assessment and Compliance Monitoring

Renewal Of License


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List of Residential Care Facilities for Children

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